Welcome to Precious Poo Pups ~ Teacup Poodle & Maltipoo Puppy Adoption!

We hope that your interest in the Poodle & Maltipoo Puppy will bring as much joy to you and your family as it has to ours.

Of all of the toy dog breeds, a Teacup Poodle and Maltipoo is perhaps one of the most desirable. The fun-loving yet sweet personality, coupled with a high intelligence and unquestioned loyalty and affection for its owner, makes this breed of dog a great choice for any household.

If you have entertained thoughts about getting a dog for your family, then this type of dog may be perfect for you – especially if your family has children who would love a cute and furry pet for them to play with. Or if you would love the companionship of a lap dog that would prefer to never leave your side.

This website will discuss the ins and outs of a Poodle & Maltipoo and present an opportunity for adoption should you decide to add one of these special pups to be part of your family.

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