A Maltipoo is not a purebreed dog; rather, it is a combination of a Maltese and a Poodle. Therefore, a Maltipoo will have personality traits and physical characteristics of both animals. Physically, mostMaltipoos do not reach higher than eight inches tall, and no heavier than 7-8 pounds.

In terms of appearance, how your maltipoo will look will be determined by the parents.  All maltipoos do not shed and have relatively-thick fur that ranges from white, apricot, brown and even black (depending on what colors its parents are).

Some people wonder what a Tiny Toy Poodle or a Teacup Maltipoo means. This is a term that is commonly used all over by a variety of breeders to describe a Poodle or Maltipoo that will be under 4-5 pounds when fully grown. AToy Poodle should weigh between 5-7 pounds.

We specialize in the smaller size of these poos. We have Teacup Maltipoos and Tiny Toy Poodles under 4-5 pounds up for adoption and we have Toy Poodles that should weigh between 5-7 pounds up for adoption. You will see a separate description under each pup that is up for adoption. This description is based from that pups parents size, weight and color.

The personality of your Teacup Maltipoo and Tiny Toy Poodle will vary depending on which parent is more dominant, but all Maltipoos and Poodles have similar traits. The first is intelligence. Maltipoos and Poodles are incredibly clever and are very easily trained. This also makes them quite responsive to an owner who exhibits leadership.

Maltipoos and Poodles are energetic and love to play, and also are very good with children. If you have kids, then a Maltipoo or Poodle would be a great pet of choice for your family.

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